“Elements of the Elective”


Throughout this elective we will attempt to create contemporary definitions of what the elements might be that make up POP(ULAR) CULTURE. We will start with the parts that make up the phrase and then move on to the philosophical, theoretical and material manifestations that have occurred in the past and the present. 

We will deconstruct what has been said before about these ideas and unpick and unpack them to form a new anatomy of POP(ULAR) CULTURE. By finding out what are the PARTS that make it up we might then be able to form a new BODY of thought that challenges what has gone before?

The AIM of the course is to create a deeper understanding of what these terms might mean to us and their relationship to our practices. One OBJECTIVE is to create a Wikipedia page that either add to the existing pages about these subject or create a NEW term that more acurately defines what POP(ULAR) CULTURE might mean for you today.




Pop Culture:

Popular Culture:



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