An Anatomy of Pop

An Anatomy of Pop.

This is a break down of popular culture in relation to a human body:

HEAD – PEOPLE: Head looks ahead and guides the direction. Popular culture moves and changes according to how people change.

LEGS – SOCIETY: What makes it move. the legs cary the culture. when society changes and moves, the legs follow and constantly on the move.

HEART – POPULARITY: what keeps it going. gives it the beat, and pumps the life into itIf there weren’t people who liked the culture, and followed it, then it would seize to exist.

HANDS – POP ART: Hands make things. Creates something tangible, for us to look at and to feel.

EARS – POP MUSIC: (obviously) It connects pop culture to one of our main senses.

HAIR – QUICK MOVING, CONSTANTLY CHANGING: Hair constantly changes, and the style changes, just like popular future which is quick moving and always keeps up to the current time.

via An Anatomy of Pop.

By Claire Sinyor


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