“Popular culture studies is the academic discipline studying popular culture from a critical theory perspective. It is generally considered as a combination of communication studies and cultural studies.

Following the work of the Frankfurt School, popular culture has come to be taken more seriously as a terrain of academic inquiry and has also helped to change the outlooks of more established disciplines. Conceptual barriers between so-called high and low culture have broken down, accompanying an explosion in scholarly interest in popular culture, which encompasses such diverse media as comic books,television, and the Internet. Reevaluation of mass culture in the 1970s and 1980s has revealed significant problems with the traditional view of mass culture as degraded and elite culture as uplifting. Divisions between high and low culture have been increasingly seen as political distinctions rather than defensible aesthetic or intellectual ones.”



Chae Ah Ahn
Georgina Archer
Alexander Ata
Grace Becker-Burnett
Chrysavgi Bolari
Elisa Brown
Ji Chen
Niamh Cunningham
Astrid Elineau
Natacha Gervais
Chloe Griffin
Anu Hakala
Jake Hollands
Adriana Jaroslavsky
Saaya Kamita
Karen Lai
Jutta Larsson
Natalie Lau
Hitomi Matsumoto
Hannart Maud
Abby McGowan Harber
Sarah Merenda
Honami Nishii
Irina Ogay
Xiaoxiao Ouyang
Jack Pittard
Lynne Searl
Krystyna Sheremet
Haruka Shoji
Claire Sinyor
Nita Soyrila
Yasmin Stringer
Nicola Worsley
Georgina Wright</http://wrightgeorgie.wordpress.com/
Hsu Yu-yun

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