Million Dollar Menu

This is one of my favourite youtube clips.
I am looking into popular culture in textile field but I though this controversial video shows just how important brand image is. You can see that some stuffs and costumers seem disturbed/offended by these  intruders/rappers while others laughed and even joined in with them.

What made these people to attract?-were they board of just eating happy meals? or do they secretly disparage MacDonald?

This effect on brand image reminded me of  the chavs in Burberry tartan check about 7-8years back. Because this boom spread out widely in the uk, Burberry’s high fashion branding image changed into something very different. It became popular to chavs which are not the Burberry’s most wanted/desired target customers. It somehow became too popular to the masses which destroyed the whole point of exclusiveness and being apart of high fashion crowd/society.

I think this is an interesting example of negative result in popular culture. This popular movement bought a very negative effect to Burberry’s branding culture. However, they now have successfully bought their tartan image back though advertising and designing.

This is a sort of online debates/chat room talking about how Burberry threw off its cha image;

Also, these website articles writes about effects on Burberry’s branding image.


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